Welcome to New Homeowners at Edgewood Townehouse Association

The Hospitality Committee of the Edgewood Townehouse Association (ETA) welcomes you to our community! We hope that information in this booklet will prove helpful in answering your "need to know" and "want to know" questions about our Association.

We look forward to meeting you at our general meetings and occasional potlucks. The monthly FYI (For Your Information) newsletter is delivered to your door and gives dates, times, and other information for these events. Again, welcome to the Edgewood Townehouse community!

There are guest parking spaces throughout ETA property, as shown on the map in this booklet. Residents must park their vehicles in their garage. Your garage door should be kept closed for security reasons. Keep the area in front of your garage clear at all times because that area is designated as a fire lane. If you or your guests need use the guest parking for any lenght of time, please contact the Manager.

Board meetings
Board meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM in the clubhouse. All Association members are welcome to attend. Contact the ETA President if you would like to have an item on the agenda.

Bridge Club
This group is currently inactive.

Building exterior
Do not make any changes to the exterior of your building without prior approval.

Bus service
The closest Lane Transit District bus stops (#24 and #73) are located on the northeast corner of Willamette Street and 46th Avenue and at Donald and 46th Avenue. Bus schedules are posted at the bus stop or may be obtained from LTD http://www.ltd.org/

Carpenter ants
ETA provides exterior treatment for all units. Please contact the Manager.

To reserve the clubhouse for a private party, check the calendar posted in the clubhouse and confirm with the clubhouse chairperson regarding availability. If the clubhouse is available, write your event in on the calendar on the bulletin board near the clubhouse entrance. Then complete an Reservation form, and put it in the letter slot near the clubhouse entrance. Our clubhouse may be reserved for use only by ETA residents. Use of the swimming pool is never included in these reservations.

There are bound to be annoyances when living in a community setting. To voice a complaint or problem, please call the manager or a board member. If your efforts to negotiate a solution are not successful, you may submit a grievance in writing, placing it in the letter slot near the clubhouse entrance. The Grievance Committee, comprised of ETA board officers, will consider and act on the grievance.

Extra vehicle parking
The extra vehicle parking area (overflow parking) on Westbrook Way may be used for temporarily for resident or guest vehicles. Contact the manager for permission to use a space.

Front porches, upstairs front-facing porches, and visible decks
Front porches, upstairs front-facing porches, and visible decks are considered part of the common area and must contribute to the restful, park-like ambience of this townhouse compound. Therefore there are certain requirements for items placed in these locations. Please read Porch and Deck Rules for complete information.

Garbage pick-up
Most residents use SaniPac garbage service (736-3600), thus eliminating the noise and additional wear and tear caused byseveral trucks. Remember to put out your garbage out late Tuesday evening for early morning pickup on Wednesday. Ask SaniPac for recycling information or see http://www.sanipac.com/ Cans should be stored inside your garage.

General membership meetings
Quarterly meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of January, April, July, and October at 7:00 PM in the Clubhouse. Meetings are open to Association members only. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend. If you are unable to attend a meeting at which a vote will be taken, use the proxy form found on the clubhouse bulletin board just inside the entrance.

Please read your Home Owner's Handbook which contains the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs), as well as the ETA By Laws, Rules and Procedures.

The previous owner should give you keys for your home, mailbox, and the code for the clubhouse, as well as the garage door opener control.

Your mailbox is located on the street near your residence -- the previous owner should show you that location. The Association does not have keys to your mailbox -- contact the U.S. Post Office located at Willamette Street and 33rd Avenue if you need assistance. Some of the mailbox clusters have a special slot for out-going mail. There is a secure mail box in the parking lot at Edgewood Shopping Center (Donald and 40th Avenue) and inside Umpqua Bank (Donald and 40th Avenue). The closest U.S. Post Office is Southside Station located at 30 East 33rd Ave.

Monthly Assessment (Dues)
The Monthly Assessment is due and payable on the 1st of each month. Make your check payable to Edgewood Townehouse Association and put it in the letter box slot at the Clubhouse entrance or mail it to Edgewood Townehouse Association, P.O. Box 5424, Eugene OR 97405-0424.

Edgewood Townehouse Association contracts with a manager for 20 hours a week to oversee our common property, including the grounds and building exteriors. The manager is directly responsible to the ETA President. If you have a problem or concern about the buildings or grounds, please contact the Manager.

The For Your Information (FYI) newsletter is distributed monthly. It will be placed near your front door. If you have news items to be included, contact the ETA editor.

Edgewood Townehouse residents value this quiet, peaceful community. Please honor that with your considerate behavior.

Parking on Westbrook Way
Westbrook Way is a fire lane. Guest parking is allowed only in the designated guest parking areas.

Pet rules
No pets are allowed to run loose. City ordinance requires that a dog must be on leash. We especially request that you keep your dog off the lawn areas and that you bag the poop and put it in your garbage for disposal. For more information, please see "Pet Rules" in the Home Owner's Handbook

We try to keep ETA grounds as attractive as possible, maintaining the consistency of landscaping. We do not allow planting of bulbs or annuals on common grounds. If you have shrubs that you would like to donate, please contact the Manager.

If you have questions or suggestions about ETA management, please contact any member of the Board of Directors or put your suggestions in the letter box slot at the clubhouse entrance. We welcome your ideas and involvement.

Please remember that the ETA roadways, walkways, common areas, clubhouse, and swimming pool are private property. Report any suspicious activity directly to the police, 682-5111 or 911 and advise the Manager.

Swimming pool
Swimming Pool Rules and Pool Use Agreement are distributed each year with the May edition of FYI and are posted in the pool area.

Telephone Committee
Members of this committee will call to remind you of general membership meetings, potlucks, and other ETA community events.

TV hookup can be provided by Comcast 1-888-824-8264 or http://www.comcast.com/

If you prefer sattelite dish, please review ETA Satellite Dish Policy.

Water meters
Your water meter location is indicated on the map. Learn your meter location and how to shut it off in case of emergency. Also, check monthly EWEB bills for excessive consumption which might indicate a water leak.

Useful Links

Eugene (City website)
Eugene Public Library


Eugene Airport
Lane Transit District (Bus)
Eugene Bicycle boulevard maps
OmniShuttle (Airport shuttle)
Oregon Taxi


The Register-Guard


Edgewood Elementary School
Spencer Butte Middle School
South Eugene High School

Utilities and Recycling

Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB)
QWest (Telephone, Internet, DirecTV)
Comcast (Television, Internet, Telephone)
NWNatural (Natural gas)
Sanipac Garbage and recycling
Bring Recycling (Used building materials and more)
NextStep Recycling (Electronics - if it plugs in or runs on batteries, we take it)
Glenwood Transfer Station (Dump and recycling)

ETA welcome packet, last revised June 2005