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Exterior Building Improvement Request
Edgewood Townehouse Association

Homeowner Procedures for Making Changes to the Exterior or Patio area of your Townhome

Home owners contemplating any work, changes, repair, replacement, or additions to the exterior of your home, including but not limited to any structural change or additions, new patio floor, dish type TV antenna, hot tub, heat pump, walls, fences, exterior doors or windows, etc., must receive the approval of the Board of Directors of the Association, prior to the commencement of any work or the purchase of any materials. The following procedure will help expedite your project, minimize future problems and help make your project a pleasant experience.

Review the CC&Rs with special attention to Articles V, VIII, and IX.  The Board will act as the Architecture Committee except under special circumstances when the Board may decide, instead, to name a temporary Architecture Committee.

1. Complete and submit a REQUEST FOR GENERAL EXTERIOR BUILDING IMPROVEMENT FORM at the Clubhouse Mail Slot.  Forms are available at the Clubhouse. 

2. The Board will review the request at their next regularly scheduled Board Business Meeting.  

3. The Board will post the request as a Public Notice for thirty (30) days for all homeowners to review. 

4. Following the thirty days of public posting of the request, the Board will schedule an Open Forum Hearing to consider the request, at which time association members will have the opportunity to comment, ask questions, and submit written comments. The hearing is to gather information only.

5. The Board will render its decision at its next regularly scheduled Board Business Meeting to approve or disapprove of the request.

Board of Directors Approved October 13, 2015

Satellite Dish Policy
Edgewood Townehouse Association

1. Authorization to install a satellite dish at any must be pre-approved by, and in compliance with, the Edgewood Townhouse Association (ETA) Covenants or ETA’s designated representative and will only be approved under the following guidelines:

2. Mounting, installation, or penetration of any satellite equipment or fasteners to any portion of the roof(s) or roof soffit(s) as in drilling, nailing, or screwing to fasten equipment to the roof(s), or drilling holes into the building’s horizontal or vertical wood exterior surfaces is prohibited.

3. Mounting, installation, or penetration of equipment or fasteners to any portion of the building(s) siding as in drilling, nailing, or screwing to fasten equipment to the building is prohibited.

4. The use of mastics, glues, or any adhesive compounds to affix a satellite dish is prohibited.

5. Fastening satellite dish system equipment to the building’s railings, posts, beams or balusters with the use of clamps and/or banding material is permissible.

6. Mounting a satellite dish system in any way that prevents, detracts, or interrupts the quality of visual enjoyment of the environs of other Edgewood Townhouse homeowners is prohibited. Homeowners wishing to install a satellite dish system are encouraged to review the location of the dish’s placement with neighboring homeowners prior to proceeding with this notification to ETA’s Architectural Committee.

7. All liability and damage resulting from any installation of a satellite dish will become the financial responsibility of the individual townhouse owner and the installer to restore the damaged and adjoining affected areas to their original condition.

8. The ETA Board or its designated representative will respond to specific questions regarding this matter. Any disputes arising from the installation of a satellite dish system will be resolved in a progressive manner beginning with the Architectural Committee and if unresolved will be processed through arbitration by three (3) disinterested arbitrators representing the complainant, homeowner of the satellite dish, and the ETA respectively. The cost of the arbitration shall be shared equally by each party.

REVISED and BOARD APPROVED September 8, 2009

Common Grounds Rule
Edgewood Townehouse Association

The association is responsible for all grounds maintenance: trees, shrubs, lawns, hardscapes, and softscapes in all common areas.

Plants growing in the patio area of each unit are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Board of Directors Approved August 11, 2015

Assessment Due Date and Penalty Fee Schedule Resolution
Edgewood Townehouse Association

Home Owner Dues (HODs) are due on the (first) day of the month.  If HODs are not received by the first day of the following month, the HODs will be declared delinquent, and a penalty fee of 7% or $20 will be assessed for that month and each additional month of delinquent amount due. 

Homeowners with extenuating circumstances may petition the Board for a waiver of the penalty fee.

Board of Directors Approved August 11, 2015

Clubhouse Reservation Procedure

General Information
The Clubhouse is available for reservation between the hours of 9 AM and 9 PM daily on a, first-come, first-served basis.  There is no cost to reserve the Clubhouse.  A $50 refundable Cleaning/Damage Security Deposit is required for all Reservations.  The Clubhouse Coordinator will shred and dispose your Cleaning/Security Deposit check after a safety, sanitation, and damage inspection of the facility has been conducted. Damages, additional cleaning, and/or excessive trash removal by the Clubhouse Coordinator or staff will be deducted from the homeowner’s Cleaning/Damage Security Deposit.  Reservations for the clubhouse are processed through the Clubhouse Coordinator.  Contact the Clubhouse Coordinator for any questions including but not limited to occupancy limits, parking and recurring events.  A homeowner sponsoring regularly recurring events must make special arrangements with the Clubhouse Coordinator and have approval of the Board of Directors.  Disputes arising over reserving the Clubhouse, reoccurring events, Cleaning/Damage Security Deposits, or additional damage and cleaning costs will be reviewed by the Board of Directors.  The Board’s decisions are final.  Please read the Terms and Conditions for Clubhouse Reservation and then complete the Request for Clubhouse Reservation form.

Process for Reservation
  1. Check the Clubhouse Appointment Calendar the Clubhouse front door for schedule availability.  If the date and time-range is available, write your name and the time-range on the calendar.
  2. Read the Terms and Conditions for Reserving the Clubhouse below.
  3. Complete and sign both sides of the Request for Clubhouse Reservation Club form.
  4. Staple or Attach your $50 refundable check to the form made payable to the Edgewood Townehouse Association.
  5. Place your completed form and $50 refundable* check in the Clubhouse Mail Slot located outside of the Front Door of the Clubhouse.

Terms and Conditions for Clubhouse Reservations

  1. The Clubhouse must be maintained in a clean, sanitary, safe, and orderly condition or the $50 Cleaning/Security Deposit will be forfeited. Any damage or cleanup costs in excess of the $50 Cleaning/Security Deposit will be assessed to the homeowner. The homeowner will not be permitted to reserve the Clubhouse until all costs are paid in full.
  2. The homeowner hosting the event must be in attendance and present at all times to ensure safety and sanitation, that all rules are followed, and care is taken with the facilities.
  3. The Clubhouse may not be used for commercial activity. Entrance fees, fundraising, or sales of any kind are prohibited.
  4. The Swimming Pool or Pool Deck cannot be reserved.
  5. Music must be confined to the clubhouse. Amplified music may not be used. Quiet hours begin at 9:00 PM.
  6. Guests attending a Clubhouse function must park their vehicles in designated guest parking spaces. No parking is permitted along the curbs of Westbrook Way and parking must not impede access and egress along the roadway. For large gatherings, the homeowner is responsible for providing someone to direct parking.
  7. All trash and recyclable materials generated by the event must be removed and properly disposed by the homeowner.
  8. Smoking is prohibited inside the facility and on patio areas. To prevent induction into the facility, smoking is prohibited outside within twenty feet of all doors and windows.
  9. Removal of any Clubhouse decor or property is prohibited.
  10. Do not use confetti-type decoration. Do not affix balloons, signs, and other décor to the walls with thumbtacks – use easily removable tape.
  11. A wall switch near the kitchen activates the gas fireplace. Do not burn or place trash of any kind in the gas fireplace.
  12. Association business activities may require staff or workers to temporarily enter the Clubhouse during reserved time.

Homeowner “After Event” Check List for Clubhouse and Kitchen Use

  1. Clean all appliances, including oven, refrigerator, coffee pots, and food preparation utensils.
  2. Sanitize all dishware and glassware unpack dishwasher, and return all dishware, glassware and utensils to cupboards.
  3. Clean all countertops in kitchen.
  4. Sweep and damp mop the kitchen floor.
  5. Return folding tables and chairs to their storage spaces.
  6. Vacuum all rugs.
  7. Return pool cue sticks to the wall rack and pool balls are in the pool table pockets.
  8. Check bathrooms for cleanliness and orderliness.
  9. Ensure that the Gas Fireplace switch is turned “OFF.”
  10. Reset the Thermostat.
  11. Turn off all lights.
  12. Remove all Trash and recycling.
  13. Close and lock all doors and windows.
  14. Notify the Clubhouse Coordinator that the event has concluded.

Board of Directors Approved December 8, 2015

Edgewood Townehouse Association Pool Use Rules 2015

The Edgewood Townehouse Association Board of Directors has adopted the following Pool Rules. The rules that are in bold type are State of Oregon laws and are enforced under the Oregon Revised Statues.  The rules that are in regular typeface have been enacted by the Board of Directors to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all residents and their guests.  Failure to follow the rules listed below may result in exclusion from all pool privileges. 

1. The pool opens at 9 AM and closes at 9 PM.

2. The pool and deck area are for the exclusive use of Edgewood Townhouse owners and their guests.

3. Access to the pool, deck, and the dressing rooms is through the Pool Entrance Door only.

4. No lifeguard is on duty.  Each swimmer is responsible and liable for their personal safety. 

5. No person is permitted to swim aloneBring a friend!

6. Anyone under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older.

7. All residents and guests must sign in each time when entering the pool area.

8. No more than 31 people are allowed in the pool at one time.

9. All persons must have a cleansing shower before entering the pool.     

10. Only proper swimming attire is allowed in the pool.

11. Swimmers who are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers

12. No person with a communicable disease, open wound, or wearing a bandage is allowed to use the pool.

13. Dangerous practices are prohibited. No running or rough play is allowed in the pool or deck area.

14. Diving must be made with consideration for the safety and comfort of others using the pool and deck area. No reckless or indiscriminate diving is permitted.

15. No person under the influence of alcohol may use the pool.

16. While there is no designated time for lap swim, it is expected to be accommodating to those who want to swim laps.

17. The rope must remain across the pool when there are young children present who are unable to swim without assistance.  If you remove the rope, please replace it upon leaving. 

18. Inflatable objects may be used in the pool, insofar as they do not interfere with other swimmers ability to easily navigate the pool.

19. All personal wheeled vehicles including bicycles, skateboards, strollers, etc., are prohibited anywhere inside the pool area, with the exception of personal disability safety equipment.

20. No pets of any kind are allowed in the pool or deck area.

21. No glass or shattering plastic containers are permitted in the pool area.

22. All food items are prohibited in the pool and on the pool deck.  Consuming food items is permitted in the Eating Area only.

23. Use of deck furniture is on a first-come basis.

24. Radios and amplified music may be played only if used with earphones.

25. No commercial activity will be allowed in the pool, the pool deck, or pool area.

26. Persons with wet attire or with wet bare feet may not use or enter the Clubhouse.

27. The pool, the deck, and surrounding area cannot be reserved for exclusive use.

Rev. May 2015

Parking Rules Edgewood Townehouse Association

1. All homeowners should park vehicles in garages.

2. Temporary parking by homeowners or their guests must be in designated parking spaces.

3. Waivers for Special Circumstances. Homeowners may request waiver of the Parking Policy in the event of exceptional or extraneous circumstances.

Waiver Forms are available by contacting the Board, the Facilities and Operations Director, or the Clubhouse.  The Board will review each case and render a final decision.

Board of Directors Approved January 10, 2017

Pet Rules
Edgewood Townehouse Association

1. Pet owners are to be compliant with the City of Eugene, and Lane County, Edgewood Townehouse Association pet rules.

2. All dogs must be leashed.

3. Dog owners are required to clean up after their pets.

4. The association will fine the homeowner $25.00 for violating the Pet Policy after two warnings.

Approved and Revised by the ETA Board of Directors 7/13/2010

Front Door Entryways and Balconies Guidelines
Edgewood Townehouse Association

Edgewood Townehouses are set in a private park, which is reserved for the exclusive use and enjoyment of owners, their families, and guests.

1. Front door entryways and/or balconies are common property, please decorate accordingly.
2. Owners may not alter the front door entryway and/or balcony surfaces using tile, glued carpet, or paint. 
3. Owners may fly only the American flag.

If you have any question about the suitability of an item you are considering placing at your front door entryway and/or balcony, please contact the Director of Facilities.

Board of Directors Approved August 11, 2015

Rental of Units
Edgewood Townehouse Association

Guidelines Used By The Board for Administrating
Article XVI, Rentals, ETA Bylaws

  1. The date of application of Article XVI, Rentals, of the Bylaws is April 22, 1997, the date the ETA membership vote approving the addition of the Article.
  2. For the purpose of Board determinations, no "trust renters" are to be included for identifying the "six residence units" cited in Section 1, Subsection c.
  3. The Board will give particular consideration to allowing a unit rental, even in excess of the "six residence units", where an ETA member would experience a hardship, not in member's control, if rental were not permitted.
  4. When a resident unit owner wishes to rent for not more then twelve months, the Board will give every consideration to the request especially when it is clear that the rental status of the unit will not be permanent.
  5. The Board will require that the written documents cited in Section 1, Subsection g and h must be provided to the Board, and provided in sufficient time to be considered for the agenda of a Board regular meeting, and before any rental.
  6. The Board will not act in any way as a go-between or as an intermediary in any landlord-tenant relationship.
  7. The Board will not provide documents for landlords or tenants other than copies of ETA Bylaws and CCRs.

Bylaws: ARTICLE XVI Rentals

Roadway and Walkway Area Rules
Edgewood Townehouse Association

The speed limit on Westbrook Way and on all driveways is 15 miles per hour.

Rollerblading, scootering, skating, and, skateboarding, are prohibited on common property.

Walkways are for pedestrian use only.  Riding bicycles on walkways is prohibited.  Bicycles must be "walked" on walkways.

Board of Director Approved August 11, 2015

Dispute Resolution Procedures
Edgewood Townehouse Association

Insofar as possible, disputes between homeowners should processed in a civil and respectful manner between the disputants, or more simply neighbor-to-neighbor.  

Irresolvable disputes between homeowners should be processed to resolution through the employment of a professional arbitrator.   The Board will arrange for the services of an impartial professional arbitrator.  Each disputant shall share equally the costs of the arbiter.   The arbitrator’s decision is final. 

Homeowners may choose to process a dispute through the Civil Court System.

Board of Director Approval October 13, 2015

Master Association Insurance Policy Information
Edgewood Townehouse Association

Disclaimer Statement:  The information contained herein is specific to Edgewood Townehouse Association (ETA). Each event of property damage is unique.  It is highly recommended that you speak with your insurance agent for specifics regarding your personal circumstances and homeowner insurance needs.  ETA’s insurance Master Policy is provided by State Farm Insurance.


The Edgewood Townehouse Association’s insurance policy is categorized as Condo Insurance.

The policy is known as the primary or Master Policy.

The Master Policy covers replacement and restoration of all structural elements and building systems in the event of any sudden and accidental direct physical loss (natural, accidental human act, or deliberate human act) event.


Roofs, rafters, siding, interior and exterior framework, foundations, drywall, stairs, handrails, flooring, attached floor covers, decks, chimneys, gutters, downspouts, windows, doors, cabinets, counters, built-in appliances, stove, oven, range, refrigerator, washer, and dryer.


Plumbing systems:  water supply lines, hot water heaters, waste disposal lines, ventilation lines, natural gas lines.

Electrical systems:  all utility panels, breakers, conductors, switches, receptacles, hardwired fixtures, hardwired appliances, early warning systems, alarms, and security controls.

The Master Policy’s coverage extends to all buildings including clubhouse, pool and detached garages.

The Master Policy covers replacement costs of existing features – like-for-like quality replacement.


The Master Policy only covers personal injury that occurs on common ground areas.

The Master Policy only covers visitors and guests.


All personal property and possessions are excluded from the Master Policy; and personal injury to residents is excluded from the master policy.

Clothes, shoes, jewelry, artwork, computers, furniture, rugs, prescriptions, medicines, food products, small appliances, family photo, camping equipment are excluded from the Master Policy.

ETA homeowners and all of their household members are excluded from medical coverage under the Master Policy.

Relocation expenses for motels, hotels, rental units, and vehicle rentals are excluded from the Master Policy.

Day-to-day living expenses are excluded from the Master Policy.


In all cases of sudden accidental events, ETA pays the $10,000 deductible.

In cases where the homeowner’s negligence is the cause of damage, ETA pays the $10,000 deductible.

If a homeowner is found negligent after a sudden or accidental event of damage, or commits a deliberate act of damage, ETA’s Insurance Provider will seek payment for damages directly from the party responsible for the damage.


Each homeowner should have their own Unit Owner Condo Policy insurance policy for their own townhouse structure.

Each homeowner should have their own personal Unit Owner Condo Policy property and liability insurance.

Each homeowner should have a townhouse or condo insurance policy to protect themselves from legal and/or financial losses in the event that they are the source of a sudden and accidental event that damages another homeowner’s property or the Association’s property.

Each homeowner should have their own Unit Owner townhouse or condo insurance that offers them temporary shelter costs, clothes replacement costs, and day-to-day living expenses in the event of a loss of their townhouse due to a sudden or accidental event.

Board of Directors Approved October 13, 2015

Posted 02//03/09 Revised 04/08/17